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World's best DJs at the lake: Balaton Sound 2022. This is the ultimate festival holiday; at Balaton Sound you'll find a relax spot and party place in one! Prepare for five days of partying along Lake Balaton with great international artists and dozens of venues and lounges at the waterside August 19-22. 2020. Zamárdi, Balaton | B my Lake is coming back for an eighth time at the end of August, will be held at Zamárdi, a brand new location of Lake Balaton B my Lake | 18-21 August, 2021. See you in 2022. Aftermovie 2019; Archive 2020; Archive 201 Nyolcadik alkalommal rendezik meg a B my Lake Festivalt 2021 augusztusában az elektronikus zene kedvelőinek legnagyobb örömére. Közép-Európa első számú szabadtéri underground elektronikus zenei fesztiválja, a B my Lake, már az első évben, 2013-ban elnyerte az Európa Legjobb Új Fesztiválja díjat a holland European Festival Awards-on

This year it is for the 30th time that the biggest multidisciplinary arts festival of Hungary is held, from 23rd July to 3rd August. In addition to popular music concerts, more emphasis is placed now on literary, theatre, folk music, classical music and fine art programmes Hungary may be a land-locked country, but you wouldn't know it once you've stepped onto the shores of Balaton Lake. The summertime party reaches its climax with the annual B.my.Lake Festival which brings four days of wall to wall electronic music to the tranquil waters On 26th June the closing event of the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival will be the gala of the Hungarian Motion Picture Awards held at Balatonfüred's legendary Anna Grand Hotel. The jury of the Hungarian Film Academy will give out the Hungarian Motion Picture Awards in 21 categories to this year's bests, and the most popular movie of the festival will receive the audience award

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This subtitled video is about 2021 VW festival. Lake Balaton Fonyod 21.07.2021-23.07.2021 Pool party at B my Lake Festival 2018 #bmylakefestival #festival #hungary #balaton #beach #summer #august #electronicmusic #techno #techhouse #house #minimal #friends #party #coolestdjs #seeyousoon #thisyear #newlocation #keszthely. A post shared by B.my.Lake Festival (@bmylakefestival) on Sep 28, 2018 at 11:08am PD Lake Tisza Festival 29 July - 02 August, 2021. Lake Tisza Festival. Please be advised that the events and programmes announced on the website will be held depending on the severity of the prevailing pandemic situation. As such, the information in the article serves information purposes only

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Balaton Off Road Festival - III. Balaton Off Road Festival . A program helyszíne: Cserszegtomaj, Hungary . A program kezdete: 2021-08-13 10:00:00. A program vége: 2021-08-15 13:00:0 A program részletei. A program neve: Everness Fesztivál - Siófok - Everness Fesztivál - Siófok. A program helyszíne: Siófok, Sóstó, Magyarország. A program kezdete: 2021-08-25 00:00:00. A program vége: 2021-08-30 00:00:00. Galéria

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Lavender Weeks and Festival: June 20-July 1. Everness Festival: June 28-July 3. Swimming across Lake Balaton: July 2. Balaton Sound: July 6-10. VeszprémFest: July 13-17. Kékszalag Sailing Competition: July 14-16. VinCE Balaton: July 14-17. Hello Wood 2016: July 14-22. ArtPlacc: July 21-2 Go to the 'Balaton Sound', one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe from July 3 to 7, 2019 in Zamardi (110 km from Budapest). Info on this link . Visit the Pannonhalma Abbey , founded in 996 and classified as a World Heritage landmark by UNESCO BALATON SOUND 2017. Balaton Sound is an electronic and hip-hop music festival which takes place in Zamardi-Hungary, near Balaton Lake, the biggest in Central Europe.It was born in 2006, from a rib of the Sziget Festival, takes place every year in july and lasts for 5 days.Currently in its 10th edition, the festival has risen from 32k to 170k visitors on the 2016 edition, and the event.

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Plenty of wine festivals are organised around Lake Balaton throughout the year, with the Balatonboglár Wine Festival the biggest in the region. Sailing on Lake Balaton Lake Balaton is ideal for sailing and other water sports. In fact the biggest lake sailing contest in Europe, Kékszalag, is held on Balaton every year.. The first stop of our little day trip was Keszthely. The second stop was Balatongyörök where ate lunch. Then we were at the castle Szigligeti vár. We then tu..

Explore Balaton Sound Events at Lake Balaton: Keszthely Feszt 2-4 July, Food Truck Show in Balatonfüred 9-11 July, Tihany Placc 21-25 July, Paloznaki Jazz Piknik 29-31 July, Keszthely, Food Truck Show 13-15 August, Veszprémi Utcazene Fesztivál és Food Truck Show 25-28 August, Further information: https://www.facebook.com/foodtruckshowhungar The Cave Lake; The small town of Tapolca, surrounded by a landscape worth seeing, is situated about 10 kilometres north of Lake Balaton. In the past, many mineral resources were discovered and mined in the area, later Tapolca developed into a well-known health resort in Hungary

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About Everness Festival. We celebrate #consciousness, give space to #recreacion and create a #community on the shore of Lake Balaton. Everness, Europe's biggest self-knowledge and lifestyle festival gives an everlasting energy that and accompanies and empowers you all year round B my Lake Festival 19-22 August, 2020 Lake Balaton, Zamárdi (Hungary) Tickets & info: www.bmylake.hu. See More. B my Lake Festival Official. June 24, 2020 · Welcome to B my Lake Festival 2020 Official Event ★ // last announcement // ★.

B my Lake Festival 19-22 August, 2020 Lake Balaton, Zamárdi (Hungary) Tickets & info: www.bmylake.hu. Továbbiak. B my Lake Festival Official. 2020. június 24. · Welcome to B my Lake Festival 2020 Official Event ★ // last announcement // ★. The event attracts approx. 100 000 visitors each year and turns Zamárdi, a small town on the southern shores of Lake Balaton into a massive party arena. The festival's venue is a picturesque beach resort at the biggest lake of Central Europe, also regarded as a touristic center of the region. On this weekend also you can find a very popular festival in Zamárdi. The MOL Nagyon Balaton (Much Balaton) programme series closes this summer with the 5th Strand Festival held in its usual spot in Zamárdi between the 23rd and 26th of August.Among others, the organisers will welcome visitors with concerts, open-air cinema, camp fire, lectures, an amusement park and even more

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  1. B my Lake Festival also known as the Mecca of electronic music, takes place to round off the summer with a boom. Since its debut in 2013, B my Lake has become one of Hungary's most popular festivals and the #1 summer destination for the lovers of electronic music
  2. Üdvözlünk a FESTIVAL STORE-on. A VOLT, BALATON SOUND, SZIGET, STRAND ÉS A B MY LAKE FESZTIVÁL hivatalos Merchandise shopja. Kiemelt kategóriák . Bestsellerek. BALATON SOUND // Beach Törülköző 5 490 Ft.
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Lake Balaton The Hungarian Sea, is the people's name for the 50-mile long lake with silky green-yellow water in the middle of Transdanubia. Lake Balaton is one of Hungary's most precious treasures and most frequented resorts. It is also the largest lake in Central Europe More images for bmy lake festival 2020 » Source: www.rockthelake.com. Zamárdi, balaton | b my lake is coming back for an eighth time at the end of august, will be held at zamárdi, a brand new location of lake balaton. Source: azparenting.com. Ha napijegyed van, alapesetben a jegy a 2021. Source: www.golakehavasu.co Balaton Fesztivál 1998. Balaton Professzionista Társastáncverseny a Csokonai ÁMK Sportcsarnokában. Díjátadás. photo, local history, Lake Balaton, festival. Biggest festival around the lake - Balaton Sound. For the ferries, the timetables and fees are found from the official ferry site. Search for a route from Szántódrév to Tihanyrév. Lake Balaton for relaxing and chill

Hatalmas érdeklődés a B my Lake fesztivál iránt. A Balaton Sound idén júliusban elmarad, viszont úgy néz ki az elektronikus zene rajongói célba vették a B my Lake fesztivált, amit idén augusztus 19 és 22 között rendeznek meg Zamárdiban. A fesztiválra minden eddiginél nagyobb tempóban fogynak a jegyek. A június 12-ig érvényes akciós bérletek szinte teljesen elfogytak. Hatalmas érdeklődés a B my Lake fesztivál iránt 2020. június 1. 20:02 - hirbalaton.hu/s Mivel a Balaton Sound idén elmarad, megugrott az érdeklődés a B my Lake fesztivál iránt, amit idén ismét Zamárdiban rendeznek meg augusztus 19 és 22 között - a rendezvény hivatalos oldalának tájékoztatása szerint Balaton Fesztivál 1998. Balaton Professzionista Társastáncverseny a Csokonai ÁMK Sportcsarnokában. photo, local history, Lake Balaton, festival, spring, race. The Balaton-Highlands National Park occupying most of the northern shore of the lake, gives home to many rare plant and animal species. From the 1920's the Kisbalaton has been a strictly guarded nature conservation area and together with the Keszthelyi mountain forms part of the Balaton-Highlands National Park Balaton events and Festivals in 2014 Harley Davidson festival . Usually held in Alsoors at the North shore 4th-8th of June 2014. Balaton sound . 10-13th of July 2014 Zamardi is a popular festival in Zamardi at the South shore. The scene is next to the Lake, where the camp situated in several kilometers(2-3) along the lake. Balaton events and.

Wine Festivals in Hungary Since Hungary has 22 wine regions and all regions hold wine festivals the list would be endless. Villány, Eger, Tokaj, Szekszárd, The area around Lake Balaton, Etyek and Neszmély. Just to name a few, over the past years these wine festivals grew into prestigious events combined with art festivals and several live performances Balaton Sound Festival is one of the largest open-air festivals in Europe, and it's held every summer in Zamardi at the southern part of Lake Balaton. The Music Festival attracts some of the most famous DJ:s in the world, and last year, David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, and Eric Prydz were some of the main acts Balaton - Programok, rendezvények, fesztiválok (2021. augusztus 20., péntek után) Hungary - Lake Balaton - Programs, events, festivals (after Friday, 20 Hungarian festival Revamped and Moved to Lake Balaton. In collaboration with the organizers of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 - European Capital of Culture programme, the National Film Institute has refashioned the top event of Hungarian cinema this year: the domestic celebration previously held in Budapest under the name of Hungarian Film Week.

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  1. Tarts velünk, fedezd fel a legszebb balatoni kilátókat, kóstold meg a helyi ízeket és ismerd meg a környék kulturális emlékeit. Ismerd meg velünk a Balaton-felvidék rejtett kincseit. Vezetett túráinkon profi kerékpáros túravezetőink kísérnek, akik bevezetnek az e-bike-ozás rejtelmeibe
  2. Rockstar Photographers. Founded by the team behind Budapest's legendary Sziget Festival, Balaton Sound is one of Europe's biggest open-air electronic music festivals. The five-day event takes place in Zamárdi on the lake's southern shore and the site features floating bars, food trucks, a camping area and chill out zones dotted with hammocks and bean bags
  3. Balaton Fesztivál, Balatonkenese. 6242 ember kedveli · 2 ember beszél erről · 2272 ember járt már itt. A Balaton Fesztivál valódi családi gasztrofesztivál. Sztárfellépők, ínyencségek testnek és..

Balaton - Programok, rendezvények, fesztiválok (2021. augusztus 3., kedd után) (2) Hungary - Lake Balaton - Programs, events, festivals (after Tuesday, 3 VOLT and Balaton Sound, two of Hungary's most popular festivals, have officially been postponed to 2022. The festivals' organizers have stated that it would be impossible to hold the events this summer due to the pandemic. Balaton Sound organizer Zoltán Fülöp said that it unrealistic to assume that international tourism would be reignited in a [

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Balaton - Fesztiválok: Programok, rendezvények, fesztiválok (2021. augusztus 21., szombat után) Hungary - Lake Balaton - Festivals: Programs, events, festivals. The best time to visit the lake is summertime, especially during July and August when the temperatures are hottest, around 25 degrees Celsius. During the summer, you can also catch Balaton Sound, which takes place at the beginning of July. This is one of the biggest and brightest open-air electronic beach festivals in the whole of Europe Fehér szín. Termékösszetétel: 100% pammut Lake Balaton festivals 2016. I do not promise all festivals are listed here but we try to do our best. There are many festivals in the Balaton region. Harley Davidson Open road fest. Alsoors, June 2016. Blue regatta. Balatonfured - Keszthely. Be my lake Fest. August 2016 Posted by admin at 11:54 am

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Prior arrangement is needed! Enter only with permission! Information: +36 30 664 0404; +36 83 315 341. E-Mail: bfnp.kisbalaton@gmail.com. The natural treasures of Lake Balaton Minor can be discovered on guided tours organized by the Balaton Uplands National Park. It's recommended to register 1-2 days before the tours A közvetlenül a Balaton partján álló My Lake Hotel 23 ízlésesen felújított és berendezett szobával, saját partszakasszal, barátságos és vendégszerető kiszolgálással várja vendégeit. Cím: 8621 Zamárdi, Gáspár András utca 23. E-mail: reservation@mylakehotel.hu

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A Balaton Sound Fesztivál idején szállás büféreggelivel 5.500,- Ft/fő/éj Strand Fesztivál / B.my.Lake Fesztivál 2016 Zamárdi Strand Fesztivál / B.my.Lake Fesztivál 2016 Zamárdi Szállásajánlatunk a fesztiválozók részére: A Hostel Rév Balaton a Balaton Sound főbejáratától körülbelül 1500-200 méterre, 20 perces. 05-09 june 2019, Lake Balaton, Hungary 10-14 June 2020. What's On. Buy tickets. Gallery. News. Latest News. Important informations! The first 15 bands of 21st Open Road Fest line up; Mobil home reservations for the 21st Open Road Fest has been started The main resorts around the lake are Siófok, Keszthely, Balatonfüred and Zamárdi. They all have a buzzing nightlife in the summer, due to music festivals like Balaton Sound and Strand in Zamárdi. Siófok is on the southern shore and is the centre of summer parties and concerts. Well-known sand-covered beaches are the Aranypart and Ezüstpart


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Lake Balaton in west Hungary is a popular tourist location for Hungarians. Often overlooked by visitors from other countries, Balaton's resorts have much to offer at reasonable prices. The Balaton Lake is huge - the length of its shoreline is approximately 147 miles (236 km) - making it the largest lake in Central Europe Az öt nagy nyári Sziget-fesztivál - a Volt, a Balaton Sound, a Sziget, a B.my.Lake és a Strand Fesztivál - rendezvényein a vendéglátó egységek kizárólagos borbeszállítója 2018-ban is a Borháló Borkereskedés

Central Europe's largest lake to host the "St Ivan’s DaysTop 10 Things To See And Do On Lake Balaton, HungaryHungary wins big at Budapest International Circus FestivalBALATON SOUND FESTIVAL REVIEW | The Best Music Festival [2016]Urlaub am Balaton und warum Sie unbedingt Ungarn besuchenbalaton on Tumblr

Der Balaton in Ungarn (engl. Lake Balaton) ist der größte und touristisch bedeutenste Binnensee und Badesee Europas mit einer ca 594 km² großen Wasserfläche sowie zahlreiche Ortschaften, die eine äußerst abwechslungsreichen und attraktive Freizeitgestaltung für Jung und Alt bieten. Wer einmal rund um den Balaton mit Auto, E-Bike oder. It is the largest naturist beach on Lake Balaton, surrounded by reeds, trees, and fences, so you don't have to be afraid of unauthorized curious people. As for the opening hours, it can be visited between 9 am and 7 pm, the adult day ticket costs HUF 1,200 and the children's ticket costs HUF 600 Lake Balaton is about a 1.5 hour drive from Budapest, and it's simply a gorgeous destination. I quickly realized is the perfect location for a festival of this magnitude. There's plenty of open space, nearby accommodations, and amazing summer weather János Áder discussed the water quality, wildlife and water management of Lake Balaton, Hungary's largest natural lake and top tourist hotspot, with government commissioner for preserving Lake Balaton, Zsolt Szári, in his latest environmental Blue Planet podcast Hungarian festival Revamped and Moved to Lake Balaton. In collaboration with the organizers of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 - European Capital of Culture programme, the National Film Institute has refashioned the top event of Hungarian cinema this year: the domestic celebration previously held in Budapest under the name of Hungarian Film Week.